How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast? – About Growth Hormones

By improving the neurological control of muscle cells by the spine and brain, the strength and size of muscles can be increased.

Through Bodybuilding

High intensity and frequent repetition of particular movement can improve the neurological controlthat leads to changes in activation thresholds and nerve connections. It is generalinformation, and the bodybuilders know it very well that to increase the muscle mass, triggering metabolic and mechanical stress will yield very good results. By increasing the stresses, a process called muscle hypertrophy occurs inside the muscle cells which involves the production of some extra contractile proteins.Hyperplasia is a process that can also trigger a small increase in muscle cells.

The Bodybuilding Peptides – Causing IGF-1 release in blood

The predominant benefit of growth hormones is to cause the liver to produce and release IGF-1(Insulin-like growth factor-1) in the blood. The growth hormones also cause anincrease in its production in the cells.

Benefit of IGF-1

There are proliferative effects of IGF-1. This means that it can stimulate hyperplasia(cell multiplication), and it can also cause an increase in cell size (hypertrophy).

About The Muscle Cells

Muscle cells are one of the largest cells of the human body. The muscle cells consist of a significant amount of proteins that are like mesh and can slide past each other and can also cause the shortening of muscle cell fiber. The muscle size requires a huge amount of nuclei owing to the large size of cells that also contains the DNA code so that the functions of thecell can be performed easily.

Need of proteins in bodybuilding

growth-hormonesAs we do more workouts, more nuclei in the muscle cells (myonuclei) and more contractile proteins are required.You can stimulate the cells of satellite or inactive stem present around the muscle fiber to fuse with the fiber, distinguish into the myonuclei and can help support and produce extra contractile proteins.
The Level of Growth Hormones and Their Effect on Muscle Growth
If you train your body at a high intensity, then the muscle mass will be increased because of the presence of testosterone and growth hormone. The level of testosterone (andropause in men) and the growth hormone (somatopause) decrease when we get old. However, a momentary increase in the level of both hormones occurs after exercise. The levels of growth hormones can be increased further by the help of bodybuilding peptides which are preparedto stimulate the release of growth hormones. There are two main categories of bodybuilding peptides

1- (GHSP) Growth Hormone Stimulating Peptides
2- (GHRP) Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides

There is another benefit of growth hormones which is the stimulation of growth of connective tissue around the muscle like ligaments, fascia, and tendons. This assists in improving the repairing and recovery of connective tissue after an intense training session and will also decrease the risk of overuse injury. (Tendinosis, tenosynovitis)

Control of GH level

There is a negative feedback mechanism for controlling the GH level in blood. The IGF-1 and GH level in blood inhibit the hypothalamus to release GHRH by triggering it to release SST in a more quantity. The release of growth hormones from the pituitary gland is also decreased. Now, all these changes will decrease the production of growth hormones until the removal of negative feedback and decrease in blood levels.

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